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Every Little Difference Counts – DIY Psychology #1

People are different. This boringly simple principle turns into painful reality when startuppers start to do customer interviews (or interact with them in any way). What works as a magic charm on someone might bounce off someone else’s invisible shield in a second.

This time, we gonna list some quite common psychological archetypes in a completely playful way – with the fun Little Miss characters. You probably all met people like them. Let’s see how to approach them efficiently, with perfect emotional intelligence, charm and a winning attitude.

First, let’s see some characters that are hard to conquer or handle, yet they are worth it – you can learn a lot once you managed to get close to them. 

1) Little Miss Brainy – The know-it-all


What are they like? Self-confident and proud of her brains, she always has “something smart to say”. These kind of customers like to observe and judge things, yet this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have bad intentions.

How to get the most out of the interaction? You are lucky: you only have to ask. Such people are happy to be able to talk about their feelings, experiences and will probably come up with interesting suggestions. The only difficulty is that even if you are lured to lean back with a satisfied grin on your face after talking to such a person (“I heard soooo many interesting things.”), you should try to get a balanced overview by asking other people as well. Preferably some other Little Ms. (or Mr.) Brainies. They might say something totally different that sounds just as brilliant as the first chat.

2) Little Miss Bossy – The control-freak

02 ~ Little Miss Bossy ~ by Roger Hargreaves

What are they like? According to the original story, “Little Miss Bossy is very bossy (hence her name) and she is also rude, so she is given a pair of boots which have a mind of their own; they don’t listen to her, because she is too bossy.” Translated into the language of reality, such people wanna control every part of their life, including people, products and  situations. They look for solutions that adjust to their own little world perfectly and if something doesn’t fit – bye bye.

How to get the most out of the interaction? First of all, take a deep breath and brace yourself for a long list of needs and complaints almost in an order-like way. The benefit: instead of empty glances and automatic nods, you gonna get a lot of feedback that you can digest. If you manage to find such people within your target segment, it might be worth interviewing some of them, because it’s like a CustDev Booty Camp. If you listen to their hiiiiigh expectations are you are able to solve them, you are likely to score some really valuable points – you do something that will probably go far beyond ordinary people’s expectations.

3) Little Miss Selfish and Little Miss Vain – the narcissistic ones


What are they like? Totally into themselves – they love showing off and also love to enjoy great things in love: anything that makes them feel great. They probably spend a LOT of time with writing Social Media posts about their life, their great achievements and personal success stories from their everydays.

How to get the most out of the interaction? Treat them a bit like you would treat a cat: devote complete attention to them and approach them when they seem to be in the right mood. Provide some “verbal love”: compliments, talking about how grateful you feel that they devoted time to you, etc. If you show that you are genuinely interested in them and what they have to say, they gonna open up and start to talk about their life. A lot.

That’s it for today. Next time, we gonna take some completely different psychological profiles like Little Miss Yes (who says yes to everything, all the time), Mr. No (her complete opposite), Little Miss Shy, Little Miss Scatterbrain (who is not very intelligent, unfortunately) and so on!

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