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Let our Powers Combine! – The Collaborative Startup

I recently mentioned a new initiative called the Collaborative Startup Community. It’s time to present them in more details and encourage all the startuppers interested in Community Building and Lean methodologies to join the virtual “club”. (No, I didn’t get any free T-shirts, teddy bears or iTunes gift cards for doing so.;).

What is it all about?

The basic mission is to provide global startups a source for useful Customer Development know-how, mainly connected to customer community building from Day 1. (Ranging from onboarding over online communities to content management and such.)

Why is such stuff good for you as a startup?

Because you can observe how your target customers interact with each other or the way they communicate. You can also collect feedback from them; you can run faster experiments in CustDev; you can scale your product faster based on an existing network of evangelists and so on.

I advise you to visit their ever-growing resources library to find some inspiration (and maybe even suggest new material…):

They also started a series of mini expert interviews (e.g. with the Growth Manager of KISSMetrics) and case studies.

Stay tuned and sign up to collaborate and share your views about these topics, which is the ultimate aim of creating this “knowledge exchange” hub.

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