Some of the startups and related companies I’ve helped to learn (and some times even pivot):

  • A disruptive email tool with new views and arrangements for more efficient, time-saving email management; surveys, customer interviews, ongoing support and other types of feedback for strategic product development
  • Sortpad (the easiest new way to organize all your smartphone photo memories): interviews with specific US customer segments (e.g. young parents), ongoing support and learning contribution, customer feedback and tests
  • iCatapult: a HU-US market accelerator program with whom I am lucky to have cooperated with regarding different events and projects
  • a software that turns live presentation sessions into a more interactive, social, measurable experience; conducting surveys in different languages to ask target customers about potential premium feature ideas and the concept itself
  • Social Sightseeing: a service connecting travelers to locals, providing a more authentic travel experience; creating a survey among potential suppliers; the startup eventually decided to pivot
  • Buxa: A local peer-to-peer (or peer to small business) mobile payment app (name yet to be revealed officially) to solve the problems around handling cash and the costs of bank transactions; reaching 800+ potential customers in different segments to compare interest among different segments
  • Taxilike (location-based app): finding customer insights in target segments to support product amendments and communication development/value propositions
  • Ntice (people discovery app based on FB events): delivering insights from college girl user segment
  • HuntMyCar (innovative car search engine): contacting European car dealers; helping out with benefit-oriented landing page development
  • Brickflow (fun new way of hashtag-based social media content discovery): interviews in a young target customer segment on the US market
  • JóSzaki (marketplace for handymen): survey for existing users on the supplier side to get feedback about U&A and improve services and pricing strategy

+ other ongoing projects or startups I have been happy to help in a more informal way

+ 100+ corporate market(ing) research, product and brand consulting projects

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